Roads and Highways

Roads and Highways

Northhein provides design-build and project management expertise and optimizes commercial structures to develop transportation projects in the U.S. and internationally. Northhein forms delivery teams with complementary skills and synergies to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to transportation projects.

We are conscious of the changing nature of the territories. The design, construction, exploitation and conservation of road networks sustains the integration of the territory, extending cultures and supporting the development of countries. Northhein develops comfortable, safe and operational roads. From the initial studies, until commissioning, we apply our knowledge and understanding of the territory to achieve the construction of a new reality, a territory transformed with a new road network that provides maximum coverage and connectivity.


Sustainable large-scale infrastructures, respecting the environment. At Northhein, we work on high-speed, conventional and freight rail projects, designing low, mid and large-scale projects, from conception to operation and maintenance of these large infrastructures.

We develop cutting-edge projects, clean and efficient transport systems, using the most innovative technologies and resilient solutions, which solve the challenges of changing environments, always taking into account passenger comfort, the highest standards of accessibility and the sustainability of the environment.

The Northhein team combines all the railway disciplines: civil works, superstructure (track, electrification, signaling and communications), station architecture, rolling stock, commissioning, operation plans, maintenance and RAMS.
Roads and Highways
Roads and Highways

Port Marine Facilities

Northhein takes care of all aspects of engineering and design of terminal facilities including ocean, marine and naval architecture elements of marine terminals. Ocean and civil engineering work includes roadway design, beach protection, slope stability, liquefaction design, evaluation of littoral processes and evaluation of dredging requirements and techniques. Terminal designs have been in protected and exposed waters, including designs for ice-resistant structures. Data gathering has included site surveys; oceanographic, bathymetric and meteorological studies; and geophysical and geotechnical investigations. Innovative mooring and loading/off-loading facilities include single-point moorings, multipoint moorings, sea islands, floating docks, bulk handling and general cargo wharfs.

Coastal engineering
Northhein’s coastal engineering team is fully dedicated to the development of coastal hydraulics, hydrology, water resources, environment and oceanography projects. Our services provide comprehensive support for all phases of marine and port projects. Our established in-house coastal hydrodynamic modeling capability gives Northhein a competitive edge, eliminating the need for third-party consultants. Coastal engineering services include:

Anchorage mooring system design
Calculation of wave and current force on marine structures and overtopping
Design of shore protection structures
Marine facility layout and conceptual design
Navigation channel design
Passing ship study
Sea water intake/outfall conceptual design
Static and dynamic mooring analysis (SPM and MBM)


The world's most dynamic airports feature the right infrastructure, the best facilities, and the finest service. First, last, and always, is consideration for the safety and security of air passengers and cargo.

Good airports deliver commercial and operational success, all while satisfying the wants and needs of passengers, airlines, tenants, operators, and government agencies. To do this well, management must constantly be making smarter design and investment decisions, even as their airports face increasing demand for profitable, sustainable operations and always-better safety and security. Putting all the pieces together in just the right way is possible only with practical thinking, innovative ideas, and comprehensive solutions.

Northhein’s Aviation team develops landside and airside facilities, such as airport terminals, runways, maintenance hangars and various other airport infrastructure projects.
Roads and Highways

Without a good airside, airports simply cannot function. Our experts understand that ordered and balanced airside operations go hand-in-hand with good airport terminal design. Our experience makes us an industry leader when it comes to designing runways, taxiways, aprons, and gate stands that ensure safe, secure, and efficient flow for aircraft and airside service vehicles.

Before you can board a plane, you must get to the airport. Access roads and bridges are more than thoroughfares. Properly designed, they alleviate congestion and optimize internal vehicular circulation. They provide access to and from terminal buildings, parking garages, and highways.

Facilities and aircraft hangars
These high-tech undertakings need integrated approaches to site planning, building design, and construction execution.

Master planning
High-level planning prepares the framework for development at new and existing airports. We’re master planners, who perform long-term development studies that satisfy the aviation sector’s demand for function and fiscal responsibility. We safeguard airport operations and resolve issues, engineering, aviation growth, environmental, financing, and socioeconomic at airports and adjacent communities.

Aircraft ramp services
We design sustainable systems, employing the latest in passenger boarding-bridge design, aircraft auxiliary-ramp services, and ground-support equipment. Airlines see faster aircraft turnaround and better gate utilization.

Roads and Highways


Delivering new and replacement of bridge projects to state departments of transportation, regional transportation authorities, municipalities and local communities. This experience with the transportation sector includes project development, program management, EPC, turnkey design-construction, operations, and maintenance.

Transmission Lines

Delivering new and replacement of bridge projects to state departments of transportation, regional transportation authorities, municipalities and local communities. This experience with the transportation sector includes project development, program management, EPC, turnkey design-construction, operations, and maintenance.
Roads and Highways
Roads and Highways


Water is the lifeblood of human activity. Water and the environment are strategic for the development of any country and region.

Northhein offers its high standard capabilities for the development of water related projects supporting public and private entities in the development of master plans, basin plans, feasibility studies, public-private participation schemes, construction and operation of water infrastructures and facilities.

Water supply
Water sources can include lakes and rivers, surface water collection and storage, groundwater well fields, aquifer storage and recovery systems, water reuse systems, seawater and brackish water desalination systems, and the acquisition and conveyance of water from other suppliers. We work with you to create an effective water supply strategy to meet your every need.

Watershed management
A multidisciplinary approach is necessary for proper planning and management of watersheds. We help you to understand the various characteristics of watersheds and design a plan to manage the water supply, water quality, drainage, stormwater runoff, water rights, and overall utilization of watersheds.

Industrial and municipal treatment
The complexity of environmental regulations and increasingly stringent air and water quality standards require sites and facilities to have state of the art solutions. We work with you to reliably, and consistently, comply with regulations while minimizing the associated costs. We help to simplify operations of ancillary processes, and enhance the reliability of revenue generating production.

Integrated water management
The integration of a use and reuse plan around the supply of water can help to mitigate costs and meet environmental regulations. Water sources often need to be shared by multiple users, while leaving enough water for the surrounding ecosystem to properly function.

These plans connect sewage-collection-system management, stormwater control, and receiving water-body quality to satisfy regulatory requirements. Our integrated strategies run the full range of options to mitigate the impacts of pollution to the environment.

Dams and canals
We provide services in a number of areas including construction of dams, canals, lift irrigation, micro irrigation and tunneling. We gather capabilities for the construction of large dams in the water supply and irrigation sector including constructing diversion tunnels, intake and desilting, electro-mechanical works and associated civil works such as powerhouse, power tunnels, power intake and spillways. Additionally, we design and execute canals, lift irrigation and micro irrigation schemes for bulk water transmission providing water for agricultural purposes with the goal of providing increased irrigation benefits to small and marginal farmers.

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