At Northhein, we are at the forefront for the development of the world's most demanding projects in many technologies such as photovoltaic, CSP, wind (onshore and offshore), hydrogen, geothermal, hydropower, distributed generation, smart grids, waste to energy and marine energy; incorporating hybrid solutions and energy storage systems.

Our services cover the entire life cycle of energy assets, from the laying of power lines and construction of renewable generation plants to their operation and maintenance. We strive to be a global partner for our clients and to this end we implement technology to maximize the process efficiency in every country where our clients operate.

Energy resource assessments and site selection
Resource assessment is critical for the development of a successful wind or solar power project. The detailed evaluation of the wind regime or solar irradiation at a power project site enables accurate energy yields to be predicted and financial projections to be made.

Design, engineering, procurement, and construction management
Successful project delivery depends on strict schedule oversight, tight scope management, effective project controls, and smart design options. We’re experienced at putting all the pieces together in the right sequence, combining them to maximize quality and reduce risks and life cycle costs.

We focus to deliver our clients:

● Integral end-to-end solutions
● EPC projects and operation and maintenance services
● Renewable and distributed energy generation initiatives
● Power lines infrastructure, and substations
● An international benchmark partner for our clients.
● Digital transformation solutions

Wind Power

Wind Power

EPC wind projects promotion, development and construction, as well as operation & maintenance and management of the sale of energy for wind farms onshore and offshore. EPC study, development and construction of maritime wind farms.

We develop, design and build wind farm projects. We are able to provide wind turbines, heavy steel structures and other critical supply chain elements to complex onshore and offshore wind farm locations. Northhein can also assist clients in securing connections to the appropriate power grids.


Northhein is at the forefront of commercializing solar renewable energy and helping bring solar-generated electricity to the grid. We offer a full range of EPC solutions to bring utility-scale solar projects from conceptual design to final completion.
Solar Energy


Promotion, development, turnkey construction, operation and maintenance of hydroelectric power plants, including civil works, turbines, electrical facilities, sluices, substations and transfer lines. We build dams of differing types and materials, as well as tunnels, galleries, wells and other disciplines involved in the development and supervision of building and works execution projects.

We provide customized solutions to assist power plant owners with turnkey solutions in the hydroelectric market, including services for water and wastewater distribution, reclamation and treatment. These water resources solutions are simple, safe, secure, sustainable and smart.

Pumped storage hydro
With the recent surge in non-dispatchable renewable generation, pump storage hydro offers tangible benefits to an electrical grid. It can store the renewable energy until it is required and provide the regulation and auxiliary services required for grid stability. These facilities act like massive batteries and can be either completely isolated from natural waterways and operate as a closed system, or can be partly or fully located on rivers, streams, and lakes and function as a combination of energy storage and conventional hydro power generation. Engineering of a pumped storage project leverages the same expertise as required for conventional, high head hydropower developments, and often involves tunneling and large underground powerhouse complexes. Our extensive experience allows us to accommodate in-situ stresses, provide equipment knowledge, and deliver innovative construction methods, as well as hydraulic modeling with the most advanced digital project delivery tools to deliver modern and cost-effective pumped storage hydro projects.

Small or run-of-river hydro
Developing or rehabilitating small run-of-river hydroelectric projects requires the same technical expertise as large hydro, however it often requires additional creativity, ingenuity, and “out of the box” thinking. New small, run-of-river hydro developments are particularly sensitive to costs and achieving the economic hurdle requires a focus on the fundamentals while incorporating innovation. This includes utilizing modular powerhouses, off-site installation of balance of plant components, smaller powerhouse construction without the use of cranes, and simplified dam and spillway arrangements. The rehabilitation of small hydro comes with a set of unique challenges as you seek to construct within the confines of an old or heritage structure. Addressing and navigating the challenges of the building modifications, permit applications, cofferdams, fire protection, and modern life safety guidelines while staying on focus with economic development requires an experienced team. Our team has the experience and knowledge to develop solutions that are customized for your site, whether it is a greenfield development, rehabilitation, or retrofit.

Off-grid hybrid power solutions

Off-grid hybrid power solutions

Remote communities and industrial facilities want to reduce their reliance on liquids fuels such as oil and diesel, which can have unpredictable, volatile prices and risks to the environment. Wind and solar power offer clean alternatives that can be integrated into a remote energy mix. Improved methodologies, such as proprietary microgrid controller technology, help integrate renewables into the connection wires in isolated settings.

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